How To Cancel MTN Nigeria VAS – SMS Subscriptions/Alerts

Telecommunication costs in Nigeria has over the years experienced an awesome downward spiral in terms of call and sms tariffs and while this is a welcome development, it comes with an annoying attachment. The telecom services have resorted to spamming the life out of our phones with promotional messages, caller tune alerts etc all in a bid to increase their profit margin as they are most evidently not making as much profit as when their call/sms/data tariffs were quite on the high side.

To make matters worse, the networks have even resorted to subscribing customers on their networks to these services without prior authorization. You could just wake up one bright sunny day and get a WTF alert that reads something like…. Dear customer, your subscription to Jokes and Laughter has been successfully renewed!……. Suddenly you’re wondering what the hell just happened? When did I subscribe to this service? Is this a f**king joke?

Anyway, if you’re on the MTN Nigeria network and wish to opt out of any of their value added services / sms services, do please click here to download an excel file with all their shortcodes


Here’s an example on how this works

How To Opt-Out Of MTN Nigeria Career Tips SMS Alerts

As shown in the capture above, simply text STOP CR (under the OPT-OUT column) to 33870 (under the SHORTCODE column)

That’s all there is to it. If you can’t find a service on the list, do please tweet @MTN180 and see if they can help you out.

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