DHL Africa Eshop $5 Shipment Protection Explained

DHL Africa Eshop SVP

For weeks now, I've been trying to understand the non-refundable Shipment Value Protection of $5 DHL Africa Eshop recently introduced. Their customer care reps on Twitter were pretty clueless as to what the charge was all about and simply said, you can ignore it and place your order.

I wasn't comfortable with that so I did some googling and discovered what the $5 insurance fee most probably protects against.

Apparently there's a limit to how much DHL can refund you in the event that your goods get lost or damaged in transit. For example, if you're goods are worth $100 (shipping included) and something happens to them, DHL MIGHT only refund part of that $100 instead of the whole thing.

This what their Shipment Value Protection page says

DHL Africa Eshop Shipment Protection

This reminds me of one of my transactions with them in which my order was damaged twice in transit. Eventually we settled on them refunding the cost of the goods minus shipping fee while I keep the damaged goods.

After discovering this, I always pay the $5 insurance fee to avoid stories that touch and I personally highly recommend you do the same.

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Article written by On February 19, 2020.

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