How I Fixed The Low Volume Issues On My BlackBerry Bold 9900

Downgrade BlackBerry OS To Fix Volume IssuesAs some of you already know, I’m what you would call a mobile software update junkie. Despite warnings not to be so quick to update my BlackBerry whenever a new OS version hits the web, I take the plunge without thinking twice as I’m always anxious to see if the new version would be lighter on battery resources with better signal reception.

Unfortunately three updates ago, I started experiencing problems on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 which the not-so-responsive BlackBerry support on Twitter have been unable to help me with.

Normally when a message comes in, while listening to music, the device tends to automatically reduce the volume output and when the next track plays, the volume goes back to normal automatically. For some reason, the reverse was the case for me after one of those updates.

During music or movie playback (most especially the former) with the volume revved all the way up, I noticed that on the first song, the volume was normal but as soon as the second track starts the volume drops drastically and maintains itself that way till the very end. In fact of recent, the volume just stays low throughout playback making it necessary to use earphones so I can hear properly.

Without a tangible solution from the guys at BlackBerry and CrackBerry, and keeping in mind that I wasn’t having this problem when I first got my device, I decided to downgrade the OS at once.

Not sure of which update to downgrade to I decided to choose one that came out last year in November. The first leak of BlackBerry OS 7.1  to be precise.

Downgrade went smoothly and afterwards my problems were gone. Winking smile

And thus ends my obsession with updating my BlackBerry’s OS as soon as an update hits the web.

So if you own a BlackBerry Bold 5 Touch and you’re experiencing this volume issue, now is the time to consider downgrading your device to the very first BlackBerry OS 7.1

Click Here To Download the first leaked version of BlackBerry OS 7.1 For Bold 9900 Touch which I used for my downgrade.

By the way, my one stop shop for direct download links for BlackBerry OS Official Updates and Leaks remains Gadzone Mobile.

NOTE: With the downgrade you would lose access to some features which the current OS 7.1 has. These features include Parental Control, Application Resource Monitor, Media Server, Battery Saving Mode and I think Wi-Fi Calling.

Personally I don’t need Parental Control and Media Server.

Application resource monitor kinda sucks ‘cause when it shuts down an application, it prevents you from launching the application again until you do a battery pull.

As far as I know all that Battery Saving Mode does is to reduce Backlight Brightness and Timeout as well as shut down GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when necessary.

Wi-Fi calling ain’t possible in Nigeria with the current infrastructure on ground.

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