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How To Make Your Internet Connection Run Faster

I’m yet to get an internet connection of my own as I’m located in a part of Nigeria where getting one is quite expensive so for now, I surf the internet at cybercafés around town.
One thing that does hound me is the speed especially when there are some many people …

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How To Make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the greatest browsers out there and if I’m not wrong, it’s presently leading the pack with Internet Explorer coming in second place BUT when the issue of speed is been discussed Apple’s Safari takes the lead hands down.
Personally I prefer Firefox cos of its use …

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How to Fix Error 0X80070052 on USB Flash Drives

I’m going to make this short and sweet.
I bought a new Made In China MP3 player and happily went home to fill it with my favorite tunes from the albums of Britney, Mariah, Christina, Madonna, Beyonce etc and half way the error message below popped up
Error 0X80070052 The directory or …

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