Introducing Etisalat PAYG by Pulse Unlimited Downloads For N15 Only

This plan has been around for like a week now but we all thought it was a fluke until an Etisalat staff confirmed it this morning.

The Etisalat PAYG by Pulse is an internet data plan that charges you N15 for every 5 minutes you’re connected to the internet. If you live in an area with excellent Etisalat 3G reception, this plan comes in handy for large file downloads. Some have been able to download as much as 400MB in 30 minutes for just N100.

To subscribe simply dial *229*5*7# and wait for a message confirming your subscription to the plan. Once confirmed, load any amount of credit you want, connect to the internet and start downloading at once. Using Internet Download Manager I’ve downloaded files and torrents at up to 1.6MBps.

To deactivate this plan, simply dial *229*0#

If you’ve got questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Enjoy while it lasts. For now the speed seems to be unlimited but I’m guessing that as soon as many people start using the service, Etisalat will throttle the download speed.

UPDATE 18th October 2014: Etisalat seems to have made changes to how this works. Once you’ve been connected for 55 minutes, you’re automatically logged off and you have to reboot your  modem to be connected once again. Also there seems to be some sort of speed throttling going on.

Last night I had issues downloading my Mac OS X Yosemite update of 5.16GB as the download speed dropped massively after just 877MB. Randomly, I decided to try downloading over a VPN and the speed went back up. I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence but as from now on, I’m using this Etisalat unlimited download plan over a VPN only.

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