Three Ways The Nigerian Communications Commission Can Actually Serve Nigerians

Nigerian Communications Commission Tasks

Nigeria is fast becoming known worldwide as a cesspool of corruption thus the first thing that popped up in my mind when the NCC fined the four major telecommunication outfits in Nigeria a whooping N1,17billion (over $7 million) for poor service delivery to the populace, was AWON OLOSHI (Bloody Thieves). If these companies were stupid enough to have forked out that sum of money, we all know where it would have ended.

Now the NCC, daft as ever, is threatening to shut down the offices of these telecom outfits for not keeping to the deadline given to them to pay up that ridiculous amount of money. Indirectly the *mumus* are seeking to shut down over 90% of wireless communication means in the country.

If the Nigerian Communications Commission really wants to serve we the people (given that the Nigerian Government is known to serve no one but itself), here are a few things the guys that call the shots there, can do to make life easier for us in terms of telecommunications.

Stop The Spread Of Unsolicited Text Messages

There’s nothing as annoying as hearing your phone alerting you to the fact that you have a text or Multimedia message only for you to check and realize that it’s yet another Caller Tunes, weight loss or football advert that you NEVER subscribed for and you have absolutely no way of cancelling.

MTN Nigeria is the ring leader when it comes to this spammy behavior and looks like if the NCC doesn’t step in soon, we shall be getting even more spam text messages courtesy of the new Mobile Ads platform they are set to launch in the nearest future.

NCC please ban them from texting us abeg and those that need the text should subscribe for it with a readily available option to unsubscribe from it


Stop Those Annoying Automated Promotional Calls

This is same as above with the difference that your phone rings and you pick only to be answered by a robot who wants to sell you the latest data plan, cell phone or call tariff. Globacom Nigeria seems to be the only culprit for now in this arena.


Enforce The Rolling Over Of Data Plans Including BlackBerry Internet Service

I vividly remember one crazy week in Sokoto when Globacom BIS took leave of us without warning. The customer care reps at the local office as well those online were pretty much aware of the problem and zero efforts were made to reimburse subscribers for time/data lost due to logistic from their end. When I fired them an email demanding a one week extension of my data plan, I was told to channel my complaints to the appropriate quarters which I did without any response till date

Dear NCC, so far so good, I think it’s only Etisalat Nigeria and Globacom Nigeria that have this rollover facility for internet data plans. Do please try and enforce this on our behalf so that other networks will do the same. If possible, it should also cover BlackBerry Data Plans too.


If you’ve got other suggestions for the Nigerian Communications Commission on how they can serve the populace better, do share with it by leaving a comment below Winking smile

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