Research In Motion Faces Law Suit For BlackBerry Outage

I knew this was coming when millions of BlackBerry owners were left without service for 3 days but I assumed given their free $100 worth of premium Blackberry apps offer, it wouldn't.

Well the Consumer Law Group has filed a class action lawsuit at the Quebec Superior Court on behalf of individuals who have BlackBerry smartphones and who pay for a monthly data plan but were unable to access their email, BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM), and/or Internet for the period of October 11 to 14, 2011.

It would appear that some folks are just not okay with Mike Lazaridis YouTube video apology, the free premium apps offer and free tech support for BlackBerry enterprise users. They also want the folks at RIM to coerce BB service providers worldwide to refund their customers.

According to RIM co-chief executive Jim Balsillie, they currently have no plans whatsoever to offer more compensation for the 3 day service outage.

Personally I'm very much okay with the free apps compensation. Let's all sit back, relax and see how this plays out in the long run.


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Research In Motion Faces Law Suit For BlackBerry Outage
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Article written by On July 9, 2017.

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