Airtel Nigeria Offering Up To 6GB of Data for Just N3,000 – Tested and Works On PC*

UPDATE 10 July 2013: I can now confirm that it doesn’t work on non blackberry devices out of the box. To get it to work on android devices, PCs etc, you have a buy a regular data plan as well. I subscribed for their 10MB for N100 a day data plan and have been browsing freely ever since on my PC.

Quick Notice: If you have excellent Etisalat reception in your area, you might want to check out these offers of 1GB data allowance for N2,000 and 2GB data allowance for N3,000. Click here for more details.

If you’re not interested, just continue reading to get the info you need below.

The ads have being popping up everywhere and the gist is that Airtel Nigeria now offers unlimited blackberry data plans to customers who dial the USSD code *440*16#. Unfortunately some have realized that this isn’t so as dialing that code only gives you 2GB of data for N1500 and not unlimited data. Also another USSD code is making the rounds offering as much as 4GB of data for the same N1500 by simply dialing *440*161#. This particular code is being spread by Airtel Nigeria via text messages such as that which is shown in the capture below and shared via Whatsapp.

Some folks have tried it and gotten this message instead.

IMG_00000504Airtel Unlimited BlackBerry Plan


I was lucky to stumble on one of their numerous ads which led me to their actual promo page.,

The promo is tagged BlackBerry 2-PLUS-1 Offer and as is common with most offers, it is a limited offer which is available while offer lasts

As shown in the table below, BB Unlimited 2+1 offers you a whooping 6GB of data for just N3,000 when you dial *440*016# or text Bbum3 to 440 and it’s valid for 90 days

Plan Data Allowance (MB) Retail Price (N) Validity period DIAL – USSD Activation Code SMS – Activation Code to 440
BB Unlimited 2+1 Monthly 6144 3000 90 *440*016# Bbum3
Weekly 1200 1050 21 *440*017# Bbuw3
Daily 240 200 3 *440*018# Bbud3
BB Complete_NEW
Monthly 600 2000 90 *440*019# Bbcm3
Weekly 150 700 21 *440*020# Bbcw3
Daily 30 140 3 *440*021# Bbcd3
BIS Absolute 2+1 Monthly 3072 6000 90 *440*004# Bismonth3
Weekly 300 2000 21 *440*022# Bisweek3
Daily 30 400 3 *440*023# Bisday3
BB complete 2+1 Monthly 3072 2800 90 *440*001# Bcm3
Weekly 300 800 21 *440*002# Bcw3
Daily 30 200 3 *440*003# Bcd3
BB Social 2+1 Monthly 3072 2400 90 *440*024# Bsm3
Weekly 300 800 21 *440*005# Bsw3
Daily 30 200 3 *440*006# Bsd3
BB 10 Max 2+1 Monthly 4608 6000 90 *440*007# Bmm3
Weekly 1050 2100 21 *440*008# Bmw3
Daily 150 400 3 *440*009# Bmd3
BB 10 Midi 2+1 Monthly 1500 3000 90 *440*010# Bim3
Weekly 390 1050 21 *440*011# Biw3
Daily 45 200 3 *440*012# Bid3
BB 10 Lite 2+1 Monthly 750 2000 90 *440*013# Blm3
Weekly 240 700 21 *440*014# Blw3
Daily 30 140 3 *440*015# Bld3


No word from Airtel yet as to why BB Complete_NEW 2+1 and BB Social 2+1 are going for N6,000 monthly. I’m guessing they made a mistake.

Unfortunately I cannot act as a guinea pig on this one for you guys as I still have data left on my Airtel SIM. If any of you have tried it out with success, do please holla via the comments section below. Also there have been rumors that these plans don’t work on PC and other non blackberry devices like the regular Airtel BlackBerry Complete and Social Plans. Do please clarify that for us too.

UPDATE: The BB Unlimited 2+1 6GB data plan subscription actually works as confirmed in the screen captures below. The 7.26GB data balance is due to data rollover.



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