Airtel Nigeria Now Offers The Cheapest and Most Cost Effective Mobile Data Plan


Everyone who owns a feature phone with internet access in Nigeria now knows that the cheapest data plan you can get goes for N1,000 with a minimum data cap of 200MB depending on the network. Same applies to those who own non-blackberry smartphones.

For those of us with BlackBerry phones, N1,400 can fetch us unlimited pinging, emails, browsing and downloads all month long without data restrictions if you’re on the Etisalat Nigeria network (Globacom has a data cap of 3GB per month while MTN has one of 200MB which they haven’t really enforced)

Airtel Nigeria recently deployed 3G across all states of the nation and after a few positive reviews from colleagues of mine, I was quick to sign up for the night browsing plan which I really enjoyed.

With Etisalat Nigeria and Globacom Nigeria experiencing BlackBerry internet connectivity issues for weeks here in Sokoto, I decided to give Airtel a try only to discover that they only offered what I felt then was a measly 1GB per month with the option of PC tethering which isn’t available on blackberry data plans offered by other networks in the country unless you use some form of hack.

I must admit that at first I was very pissed ’cause I use up to 3GB of data a month since I tend to download movies and softwares on my blackberry but then after we launched MTN HyNet Wi-Fi internet access at my place of work, I began to see the beauty of Airtel’s BlackBerry Data Plan.

I moved all my downloads unto the wi-fi network and noticed that on average I used up only 20mb of data a day on my blackberry smartphone.

In a month, I’m used to spending N2,500 a month on internet access but with the advent of Wi-Fi at my place of work, I now spend just N1,400.

NOTE: this article is only beneficial to those who don’t own blackberry phones or don’t use their blackberry for heavy downloads



Simply load N1,400 and text BCM to 440, and you automatically get 1GB of data for the month unlike the 200MB you get for N1,000 with other networks.



If all you do on your blackberry phone is Email, BBM, Twitter, Facebook and Whatspp with browsing via Opera Mini, you’d be spending roughly 20MB a day which translates to about 600MB a month with 400MB left for you to browse on your PC instead of forking out N1,000 for a different data plan for your PC which by the way will only offer you 200MB.


How To Subscribe To Airtel Nigeria 1GB Data Plan for BlackBerry, Other Phones and PC

Simply load N1,400 worth of airtime and then text BCM to 440 for BlackBerry Complete

To check your data balance simply dial *141*11*0# and to check your BlackBerry validity period, simply text status to 440.

For more info, do please check out the official Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Internet Plans page.


For those of you who have been using Airtel Nigeria’s Blackberry Complete plan on PC and Android phones, what has your experience being like? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below Winking smile

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