Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Complete, Voice & Social Plans

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Internet Services and Plans

Rumors have it that BlackBerry subscribers in Nigeria are set to pass the 1 million mark and Etisalat Nigeria has awoken from its slumber and further widened its range of BlackBerry services with the launch of the BlackBerry Complete Plan and BlackBerry Voice Plan.

Following the recent erratic nature of the Glo BlackBerry Service here in Sokoto, I switched to the Etisalat Network on their N3,000 BlackBerry Internet Service bundle plan in hopes of better service but the opposite has been the same.

Opera Mini simply doesn’t work on their network and going on a week now, the BlackBerry default browser as well Facebook application ain’t working at all and they’ve only apologized once for this. The service tends to fluctuate during the day time but past midnight, the speed and service is ABSOLUTELY amazing leaving me wondering if they might already be experiencing congestion issues on the network.

I hope they get their sh*t together soon before my subscription expires and I’m tempted to switch back to the Glo network.

Here are a few details about their BlackBerry services and where you can get more info on them.


Comes in daily, weekly and monthly plans that offer full access to the BlackBerry service including emails, browsing, social networking, instant messaging and of course BlackBerry Appworld.

Pricing starts at N250 for the daily plan (*399*5#), N1,000 for the weekly plan (*399*6#) and N3,000 for the monthly plan (*399*1#).

Activation codes are in red.

More info at Etisalat Nigeria’s BlackBerry Internet Bundle



With BlackBerry sales kinda dwindling worldwide, the folks at RIM decided to target subscribers on a budget by releasing an abridged version of the whole BIS package called the Complete plan. The BlackBerry Complete plan was first introduced by Globacom Nigeria before Etisalat followed suit just last week.

Just like Glo’s version, Etisalat’s BlackBerry complete plan allows access to one BlackBerry email ([email protected]), one personalized email account (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail) and every other service on the BlackBerry network including the BlackBerry App World.

The service costs N1,500 a month. Weekly and Daily plans are available too and data allowance is allegedly UNLIMITED.

NOTE: Certain BlackBerry proprietary apps WILL NOT work on this plan such as the BlackBerry Protect app.

Click here for more info on Etisalat Nigeria’s BlackBerry Complete Plan



Call tariffs in Nigeria have experienced quite a huge reduction in recent months with Globacom Nigeria’s Glo Infinito plan offering the cheapest call rate to any network in Nigeria at just 25K per second with no hidden charges or access fees common to the other networks.

Etisalat Nigeria has taken a bold step in bringing the flat rate to 20k/second BUT only for BlackBerry subscribers on their network.

Etisalat’s BlackBerry Voice plan offers the same service as their regular Blackberry internet service bundle with the difference that subscribers on this plan get to enjoy calls to all networks at 20k/second only!

Detailed info and subscription data is readily available at Etisalat Nigeria’s BlackBerry Voice Plan page.



It is a known fact that over here in Nigeria, there are a select group of folks (girls especially) who do nothing with their BlackBerry phones other than chat on the social networks and BlackBerry Messenger. This plan was created with them in mind.

For the little sum of N1,300 a month, subscribers on this plan are offered access to the internet, 1 BlackBerry email, Social Networking (twitter, facebook), BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry App World.

Unfortunately this plan will most definitely become obsolete with the arrival of the Complete plan which costs N1,500 unless of course subscribers are stingy enough not to want to spend an extra N200.

For more details and subscription codes attached to this plan, click here now.

That’s all for now. Other BlackBerry plans from Etisalat Nigeria include the BlackBerry Enterprise Service and
BlackBerry Enterprise Service Plus which the average subscriber doesn’t really need.

WARNING: Before you subscribe to any of the above plans, DO NOT FORGET that Etisalat Nigeria does not support Opera Mini on any of its BlackBerry plans. You would be charged from your call credit when you use Opera Mini for BlackBerry. On the other hand, you could subscribe to the EasyCliq plan and make use of the free 15MB you get weekly for recharging from N200 and above.

Here’s a quick view of their BlackBerry Plans + Activation codes


s/n Plan Duration Price Activation code
for BlackBerry Voice Plan
 Activation SMS/Code for BlackBerry Non
Voice Plan
1 Blackberry® Social Monthly Plan 30 days 1,300 *499*2# SMS SOM to 399
2 Blackberry® Complete Monthly Plan 30 days 1,500 *499*3# SMS COM to 399
3 Blackberry® Internet Service 30 days 3,000 *499*1# *399*1#
4 Blackberry® Enterprise Service 30 days 6,000


s/n Plan Duration Price Activation code
for BlackBerry Voice Plan
Activation SMS/Code for BlackBerry Non Voice
1 BlackBerry® Social Weekly Plan 7 days 400 *499*2*1# SMS SOW to 399
2 BlackBerry® Complete Weekly Plan 7 days 500 *499*3*1# SMS COW to 399
3 BlackBerry® Internet Service Weekly Plan 7 days 1,000 *499*6# *399*6#


s/n Plan Duration Price Activation codefor BlackBerry Voice Plan Activation SMS/Code for BlackBerry Non Voice
1 BlackBerry® Social Daily Plan 1 day 100 *499*2*2# SMS SOD to 399
2 BlackBerry® Complete Daily Plan 1 day 100 *499*3*2# SMS COD to 399
3 BlackBerry® Internet Service Daily Plan 1 day 250 *499*5# *399*5#

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