Glo BlackBerry Social and Complete Internet Plan For N1,400

UPDATE 1st May 2015: Globacom Nigeria’s Blackberry data plans have undergone changes which I wasn’t aware of as I’ve been stuck on their Complete Month plan which offers 3GB of data for just N1,000 and lasts 30 days as shown in the screenshot below.

If you’re using a BlackBerry 10 phone, be rest assured that the CoMonth plan will work on you device. If you have issues getting it to work, do leave a comment. Also note that the download and browsing speed of Glo blackberry plans is now limited to 124KB/s so don’t expect fast downloads

Glo BlackBerry Internet Sevice Plans



Globacom Nigeria has just shot down the price of BlackBerry Internet Service in Nigeria by releasing a new package which reduces the monthly BIS access fee to an affordable N1,400 ONLY.

Yep! You heard it right. Glo BlackBerry Internet Service is now N1,400 and for this price you get the following :

  1. BlackBerry Messenger
  2. BlackBerry Mail example [email protected]
  3. BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger etc.
  4. 24/7 Internet Browsing
  5. BlackBerry App World Access
  6. 1 integrated personal email address of your choice like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc.
  7. 3GB of monthly data allowance.


As you may have noticed, unlike the previous Glo BlackBerry Internet Service plan, you can only have access to ONE personal email account so for those of you, who own businesses and manage different email accounts, you are better off sticking with the old BISMONTH plans which by the way have also been increased to 3GB Winking smile.

NOTE: The rest of this article is best viewed via a computer or mobile device with large screen ’cause it contains relevant images with subscription codes.


To subscribe to any of the Glo Complete BlackBerry Plans below, simply text the Keyword of your choice to 777. Example if you want to subscribe to the Glo BlackBerry Complete Month, you text CoMonth To 777.

CAUTION: If you were previously on BISMONTH and would like to migrate to COMONTH, you are highly advised to send CANCEL to 777 first. You should get a confirmation message that reads ” Your automatic renewal has been cancelled“. Now you can send COMONTH to 777 to subscribe for Glo BlackBerry Complete Plans ;-)

Failure to do the above might lead to your credit being automatically deducted and converted to BISMONTH.

Package Keyword Service Rental Validity Data bundle*
Complete Month CoMonth N1,000 30 days 3GB
Complete Week CoWeek N400 7 days 700MB

As at the time of going to press CoMonth offers 3GB, CoWeek offers 700MB.

After subscribing to COMONTH, you are advised to re-configure your email addresses again as if you have more than two, none of them will work until you delete one and reset the other.

For those of you who don’t need access to your personal email on your BlackBerry Device, you can get the new Glo BlackBerry Social Plans which offer access to everything except Personal Email.

NOTE: Previously Internet Browsing was NOT included in Social plans but seems like it has been added now.


Simply text your Keyword to 777 to subscribe to any plan of your choice

Package Keyword Service Rental Validity Data bundle*
Social Month SoMonth N1,200 30 days 3GB
Social Week SoWeek N400 7 days 50MB

To check your data balance and subscription expiration date, text STATUS to 777.

These drastic price reductions leaves me wondering if the GLO network is strong enough to handle the tons of people that will possibly migrate from other network to theirs. 3GB a month for just N1,200/N1,400 is a lot but I’m guessing that they are banking on the fact that most BlackBerry users don’t really download large files on their blackberry devices.

RIM might just have found a potential market in Nigeria for their BlackBerry smartphones Winking smile.

If you want to make good use of your 3GB of monthly allowance like I do, I highly recommended you get a BlackBerry device with OS 6 or upgrade your BlackBerry 5 to BlackBerry OS 6 and then install UC Browser and Download Manager For BlackBerry Phones.

If you find it difficult to upgrade to OS 6, you can also check out these functional download managers for BlackBerry Smartphones as well as PodTrapper Podcast App.

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