Top 5 Features I’d Love To See In BlackBerry 10

With the Samsung Galaxy SIII set to hit to market before this month runs out, I’m dying to hear a release date for the new BlackBerry 10 devices. At the moment, RIM seems to be wooing developers to create apps for the new operating system and I really hope they come up with pretty interesting stuff.

Meanwhile, I’ve had quite a good run with the BlackBerry Curve 3G and I’m now using a Bold Touch 9900 but still I must say there are quite a number of features a part of me wishes the folks at RIM would just pay attention to immediately.

To the guys at RIM, if you’re reading this, here are the top 5 features I wish the new BlackBerry 10 phones would come with.

Fully Functional Download Manager: till date the BlackBerry default browser lacks pause and resume downloads functions and that’s pretty annoying. Most times, the network has bailed on me in the middle of a large file download and I’d had to start all over again from the beginning wasting my precious data allowance for the month’s BIS subscription.

Opera Mini As Default Browser: for those living in areas with excellent network reception and 3.5G internet access, surfing the web with the default browser is a breeze but for those of us on unstable networks with access to only EDGE, it’s pretty frustrating waiting for pages to load and Opera Mini always comes to the rescue saving us our sanity as it’s pretty faster than the default browser. We just wish RIM would give us the ability to configure all links to open with Opera Mini by default. (Tall request right? I know)

Hard Reset Without Battery Removal: removing and replacing batteries frequently can be quite a frustrating experience and I wish you guys would just give us a button on the device for that already.

Backup Internet Access: in this part of the world, internet services tend to go down at will especially when you need them most. What’s more frustrating is that sometimes the internet is up but BIS just crashes leaving one stranded. It would really be nice if the new blackberry devices had like a backup connection using TCP/IP. For now TCP only works when there’s an active BIS connection and the reverse would be a welcome development

Skype Communication: since you guys are planning to target regular consumers with the new BlackBerry devices now is the time to throw in Skype even if it will only work via Wi-Fi.

Well these are just the few features that I wish you guys would implement as they would boost my blackberry experience tremendously.

To my readers who own blackberry phones, what features do you wish your devices possessed?

Speak your mind in the comment section :)

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