Nokia XL Now Available In Nigeria Plus Free Headphone

Where To Buy Nokia XL In Nigeria

Rejoice Nokia fans as it looks like the Nokia XL “android” device with decent specs (Dual-core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4, 768 MB RAM etc) is finally in Nigeria via Slot Nigeria though it seems to be a LIMITED ONLINE ONLY OFFER.

I must say it’s pretty cheap at N30,000 and knowing how good Nokia hardware can be, this is one hell of a bargain. It also comes with a free headphone

I’m just hoping that the BlackBerry Z3 can match this price tag of N30,000 when it’s finally released over here. I sincerely can’t wait to dump my BlackBerry Z10 which has a lack luster battery life…(then again I have to wait to GSMArena to release their battery life test results should in case dem tech bloggers out there are just hyping the battery life)

Click to check out Slot’s Nokia XL offer

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