Airtel Nigeria Data Plans and Internet Subscription Codes

Airtel-Zain Nigeria Internet Subscription Plans, Settings & Codes

I've never been a fan of the Zain-Airtel Nigeria network 'cause I've basically never found one genuine reason to add them to the list of telecommunication networks I belong to. Their ever changing name is enough to put me off as it sends out a clear message: "We are so not ready for business!"

In the past I've written posts on subscribing to Glo Internet Plans, Etisalat Internet Plans and MTN Internet Plans. Recently a visitor asked why I had none on Zain-Airtel Internet Subscription Codes thus I decided to take time out to create this one Winking smile.

Please note that in my experience, Globacom Nigeria offers the fastest internet connectivity in Nigeria at the moment. I've heard quite a number of folks testify to the fact that Airtel's internet speed kinda sucks but it's all about personal experience. For some, Airtel's internet connection is simply fantastic.


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How To Get Airtel Nigeria's WAP-MMS-Internet Settings Delivered Straight To Your Mobile Phone

airtellogoIn recent times, it has become kind of the norm to automatically have your network providers' wap, gprs, mms and internet settings configuration delivered straight to your phone when you insert their SIM into your new phone.

This is known as OTA (Over-The-Air) configuration and as far as I know Airtel Nigeria, MTN Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria still offer this automated service. Unfortunately sometimes, it fails to deliver and that is why Airtel Nigeria launched a platform where you can send the proper internet configuration settings to your phones in a snap.

If you're dire need of Airtel Nigeria's phone internet settings, here's how to get them in 1 minute Winking smile.

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MTN Nigeria 4G LTE Data Plans Subscription Fees - Codes

Looks like MTN has decided to offload “leechers” on their network in a bid to improve their internet services as they’ve just revised their data plans leaving the cheapest plans out of the mix. Subscribers now have to pay as much as N7,000 to access 3GB of monthly internet data.

I bet you that it won’t be long before Globacom Nigeria and the rest follow suit and when that happens, the Nigerian populace that love their cheap internet would have no option than to get a BlackBerry device.

Update 2nd June 2016: Following the loss of tons of subscribers due to the clampdown by the NCC, MTN has been releasing and cancelling mouthwatering data plans left right and center. So far so good no plan seems to be fixed in stone except for the few listed in the table below.

To access any other existing data plans on the MTN Nigeria network, you would have to dial *131*1# from your MTN line

Update 4th October, 2016: Just like Globacom Nigeria, MTN Nigeria has officially launched its 4G LTE service in areas in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. Unlike the exorbitant prices they announced months back for their LTE services, the existing 3G data plans would remain and work in 4G LTE mode if a 4G LTE enabled phone or modem is used. Your SIM must also be 4G LTE compatible.

4G LTE enabled phones and modem must have Band 7 (2600MHz). To check if your mobile phone and SIM card are 4G LTE enabled, simply text 4G to 131. You can check to see if MTN 4G LTE services has been launched in your area by going to


MTN Nigeria Internet 4G LTE Data Plans - October 2016

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