How I spend N2,500 ($15) monthly on Unlimited Internet Access

Reduce Internet Access Bills

A few years back internet services in Nigeria were pretty expensive and widely limited to the cybercafés and post offices but as time went by and the GSM operators introduced us to the world of mobile telecommunications, internet availability came to expand and at the same time, the price began to drop.

Today most Nigerians can boast of internet access even if it's just the free browsing data allowance offered by select networks like MTN, GLO and ETISALAT on their internet enabled mobile phones.

Internet packages now vary from hourly, daily and weekly packages to monthly packages and cheap as the packages may seem, you could easily rack up an unnecessary amount of internet access bills as the average Nigerian has a backup internet connection should in case the primary one takes an unexpected vacation which is quite the case these days.

Here's how I manage to spend a maximum of N2,500 on internet access monthly with unlimited downloads thrown in for good measure :)

NOTE: You'll be needing a BlackBerry phone and subscribe to the Etisalat Nigeria and Globacom Nigeria network to make the best of this.

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Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Complete, Voice & Social Plans

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Internet Services and Plans

Rumors have it that BlackBerry subscribers in Nigeria are set to pass the 1 million mark and Etisalat Nigeria has awoken from its slumber and further widened its range of BlackBerry services with the launch of the BlackBerry Complete Plan and BlackBerry Voice Plan.

Following the recent erratic nature of the Glo BlackBerry Service here in Sokoto, I switched to the Etisalat Network on their N3,000 BlackBerry Internet Service bundle plan in hopes of better service but the opposite has been the same.

Opera Mini simply doesn't work on their network and going on a week now, the BlackBerry default browser as well Facebook application ain't working at all and they've only apologized once for this. The service tends to fluctuate during the day time but past midnight, the speed and service is ABSOLUTELY amazing leaving me wondering if they might already be experiencing congestion issues on the network.

I hope they get their sh*t together soon before my subscription expires and I'm tempted to switch back to the Glo network.

Here are a few details about their BlackBerry services and where you can get more info on them.

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GiffGaff UK BlackBerry Internet Plans

UK Mobile Virtual Network Operator, GiffGaff, recently announced that that it will soon be supporting BlackBerry services on its O2 supported cellular network starting from November 24th 2011. The monthly service which will allegedly be priced at a comfortable £3 will allow Blackberry subscribers on the network, access to BlackBerry […]

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Beware Of Etisalat BlackBerry Plan: Opera Mini Not Supported

Don't Subscribe To Etisalat BlackBerry Plan Yet

UPDATE: Apparently Opera Mini for BlackBerry 6.5 had some compatibility issues with BlackBerry OS 6.0 and this has now been fixed with a teeny weeny upgrade of the application. Opera Mini now works on the Etisalat Nigeria network using BIS ;-).

Glo internet services in the country have been erratic of late and I pretty much doubt that things would get better soon despite the recent NCC warning.

There was even a time their services went down for 1 week over here in Sokoto and despite admitting to this lapse in quality of service, nobody was compensated just as it is with other mobile network operators. They lose money and transfer the cost to you the consumer.

Only God knows if their free browsing data offer is to blame for this as some folks have been awarded as much as 100GB of data and I find this bizarre considering this offer was just launched a few months ago and one would ought to have recharged as much as N200,000 ($1250) to get such free data allowance.

The folks at Artwales and Mobility Nigeria aren’t also impressed with their services of late too.

I decided to give Etisalat Nigeria a go on my Blackberry since of all the cellular networks in my area, their internet services was the most stable.

With no indication of limitations on their website, I went ahead and subscribed for their monthly BIS which costs N3,000.

It was smooth sailing all the way with the speed being better than Glo. This was until I noticed that my call credit balance was gradually depleting. Shocked, I shut down all apps on my phone and checked my settings for Ubersocial for BlackBerry as it was one of the few apps on my blackberry that could make use of Wi-Fi, TCP, BIS or BES. It was set to BIS and thus couldn't be using up my credit.

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How To Legally Browse The Internet Free On Glo Network

Free Internet Browsing Trick For Globacom Nigeria

UPDATE: Looks like Globacom Nigeria has stopped giving out free data thus we are left once again with Etisalat Nigeria as the only mobile network that offers free data weekly (EasyCliq customers ONLY)

Since the beginning of the year, mobile operators in Nigeria have been unveiling packages that allow their subscribers to browse the internet free for a limited time/bandwidth.

MTN Nigeria's free browsing is packaged within its' pretty retarded Funlink Reloaded plan which offers up to 3MB of midnight browsing daily.

As an Easy Cliq subscriber on the Etisalat Nigeria network, you get 15MB weekly for every recharge above N200. Please note that even if your recharge N1,000, you'll only be given 15MB for the week. Hopefully this will change soon. Click here to migrate to Etisalat Nigeria's Easy Cliq plan.

Here's how to get some free browsing data on your Glo line weekly

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How To Activate Glo Internet Plan on iPad 2 and iPhone 4

iPad and iPhone Glo Nigeria Internet Settings

Internet service in Nigeria is gradually building momentum and thanks to Globacom Nigeria, a good part of the population can access the world wide web at very affordable rates even on their BlackBerry Smartphones (N1,400 ONLY).

This tutorial was submitted by Bodunoye, who's one of the commentators here at Patchwork Of Tips. Hopefully for those of you who own iPads and iPhones, this will help get you set up to browse the internet on the Glo Nigeria network.

NOTE: Looks like this how-to article is targeted at folks who own an iPad 2 or iPhone 4. I really don't know if it would work for other iPad and iPhone models.

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Glo BlackBerry Social and Complete Internet Plan For N1,400

UPDATE 1st May 2015: Globacom Nigeria's Blackberry data plans have undergone changes which I wasn't aware of as I've been stuck on their Complete Month plan which offers 3GB of data for just N1,000 and lasts 30 days as shown in the screenshot below.

If you're using a BlackBerry 10 phone, be rest assured that the CoMonth plan will work on you device. If you have issues getting it to work, do leave a comment. Also note that the download and browsing speed of Glo blackberry plans is now limited to 124KB/s so don't expect fast downloads

Glo BlackBerry Internet Sevice Plans



Globacom Nigeria has just shot down the price of BlackBerry Internet Service in Nigeria by releasing a new package which reduces the monthly BIS access fee to an affordable N1,400 ONLY.

Yep! You heard it right. Glo BlackBerry Internet Service is now N1,400 and for this price you get the following :

  1. BlackBerry Messenger
  2. BlackBerry Mail example
  3. BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger etc.
  4. 24/7 Internet Browsing
  5. BlackBerry App World Access
  6. 1 integrated personal email address of your choice like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc.
  7. 3GB of monthly data allowance.


As you may have noticed, unlike the previous Glo BlackBerry Internet Service plan, you can only have access to ONE personal email account so for those of you, who own businesses and manage different email accounts, you are better off sticking with the old BISMONTH plans which by the way have also been increased to 3GB Winking smile.

NOTE: The rest of this article is best viewed via a computer or mobile device with large screen 'cause it contains relevant images with subscription codes.

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Etisalat UAE Internet Data Plan Packages

Etisalat UAE Internet Packages

Looking for pay per minute or pay per month affordable internet in the United Arab Emirates? Look no further than Etisalat UAE's prepaid internet plans and services for home, students and visitors/tourists.

To make the best of Etisalat's mobile internet services in the UAE, you are advised to get one of their plug and play 3.5G Hi-Speed USB Modems. These internet modems include the Huawei E1550 USB Modem, ZTE MF633 USB Modem and ZTE MF662 USB Modem which offer download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, 7.2Mbps and 21.6Mbps respectively.

These modems are readily available for sale at any commercial store or Etisalat main business centers. No documents are required to get any of the Etisalat 3.5G USB Modems.

If you can't afford a USB Modem, you can tap into Etisalat's internet services using a working telephone line, PC, and an Etisalat BLUE prepaid card denomination of AED 20. You'll be charged 0.12AED per minute spent connected. Click here for more details.

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Etisalat UAE BlackBerry Internet Service Data Plans & Subscription Codes

BlackBerry From Etisalat UAE

This is a guest post by Mahmoud Farad. To leave a guest post here, please contact us.

BlackBerry subscribers in the UAE can now enjoy the new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 through Etisalat UAE. Though subscribers are limited to only 2 plans if they want to get this device via Etisalat, 3 more BlackBerry Plans are also available.

For those looking for Blackberry subscription codes for Etisalat UAE, you've come to the right place Winking smile.

Before we proceed, it would be nice to acknowledge the fact that BlackBerry services are a lot more enjoyable with the new BlackBerry OS 6.0 so for those of you seeking to upgrade to BlackBerry OS 6 for Etisalat UAE, please read this post: Download BlackBerry OS 6.0 For All Mobile Networks Worldwide.

To use your Etisalat BlackBerry device as an internet modem, please read How To Use Your BlackBerry As An Internet Modem.

With that out of the way, here are BlackBerry Internet Service Plans for Etisalat UAE.

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