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How MTN Smartphone Data Bundle 4.5GB Data For N2,500 Works

Sometime in November, MTN Nigeria launched a new data plan that offers a whooping 4.5GB of data for just N2,500 as shown in the advert above. Now the problem with the launch of this plan is that it’s similar to MTN Night’s plan which offers the same 4.5GB of internet …

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Cheap MTN Data Plans: 250MB for N500 – 1GB for N1500

If you’re looking to pay less for a 30 day MTN data plan, Modest Data Plans might just be your way in.
They offer MTN Nigeria data bundles for as low as N500 which gets you 250MB. Other plans include N900 for 500MB, N1200 gets you 750MB and N1500 gets you …

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Updated: Cheap Etisalat Data Plans From 250MB for N500

Here’s how you can’t get 1GB of etisalat internet data plan for N1500 naira only. Get more info here.

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Introducing Etisalat PAYG by Pulse Unlimited Downloads For N15 Only

This plan has been around for like a week now but we all thought it was a fluke until an Etisalat staff confirmed it this morning.
The Etisalat PAYG by Pulse is an internet data plan that charges you N15 for every 5 minutes you’re connected to the internet. If you …

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Complete Guide To How MTN Nigeria Data Share Works – F.A.Q

When you run a google search for MTN Data Share, the bulk of results you get are from bloggers who just copied and pasted the info from the official site without even giving it try. Thanks to @SuperSanusi and @MTN180, I now have all the details with regards to how …

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Awesome: Glo Nigeria Increases Data Allowance on BlackBerry 10 Data Plans

The major evil in migrating from legacy blackberry devices to the new BlackBerry 10 devices is the outrageous data allowances offered by the networks. In the beginning they allowed we the wise ones to continue rocking the old blackberry data plans on the BB10 platform but lately they’ve shut it …

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Airtel Nigeria Offering Up To 6GB of Data for Just N3,000 – Tested and Works On PC*

UPDATE 10 July 2013: I can now confirm that it doesn’t work on non blackberry devices out of the box. To get it to work on android devices, PCs etc, you have a buy a regular data plan as well. I subscribed for their 10MB for N100 a day data …

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MTN Nigeria Launches BlackBerry Unlimited* Data and Emails For N1500

Amidst this whole mobile number porting brouhaha, MTN Nigeria has followed in the footsteps of Etisalat Nigeria by launching the new BlackBerry Absolute plan on their network. Just as is obtainable on the Etisalat  network, for a monthly fee of N1500 only, subscribers are allowed access to as much as …

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Etisalat Nigeria Launches BlackBerry Unlimited Data and Emails Plan For N1500

Two nights ago, after an exchange of tweets with some of my tweeps, I learnt that the Etisalat full BIS plan is now N1,500 down from N3,000. As in,  you get up to 10 Web based emails + Unlimited data through out the duration of your plan for just N1500.
Thanks …

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