Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plan In The US: Republic Wireless

Affordable Unlimited US Prepaid Phone Plan

It’s no news that calls can be made over the internet and they are way less expensive than regular calls made over the cellular networks. Well Republic Wireless has decided to take advantage of the ever growing Wi-Fi internet connection networks in the US to offer No-Contract Unlimited data, Unlimited text and Unlimited Calls for just $19 a month (tax included).

Tagged as Hybrid Calling, Republic Wireless budget friendly prepaid plan is targeted at light or moderate mobile phone users who don’t spend large chunks of the day streaming and downloading stuff over cellular networks and at folks who reside in areas with Wi-Fi internet access + top notch Sprint cellular reception. (R.W practically resells minutes/texts bought in bulk from Sprint USA)

According to BGR, Republic Wireless makes use of software technology that offloads voice calling and SMS to Wi-Fi networks whenever possible thus using Sprint’s cellular network only when Wi-Fi service is not available. When Wi-Fi connections are available, it uses UMA to pipe communications over the Internet.

Before you decide to jump unto the network, please note that despite their claim to never charge you overages or limit your download speeds or restrict you to calling circles, Republic Wireless service isn’t really unlimited ’cause once you breach their fair usage policy, you could be thrown off the network. The network allows for an average of 550 minutes, 150 texts, and 300MB of data per user/month.

Republic Wireless offers Cellular Usage Index (CUI) which helps you check your mobile usage and avoid eviction.

To hop on the Republic Wireless network, you MUST have Wi-Fi at home and  you need a Republic LG Optimus which you can buy from them for just $99 using the promo code “welcome19”.

NOTE: This Republic LG Optimus $99 promo offer is valid till November 27th 2011, after which it will cost the standard $199.

Ya’all can take advantage of their 30 day, money-back satisfaction guarantee to test-run the network and make up your mind if it’s for keeps or not Winking smile.


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