UPDATED: My Etisalat Easy Cliq Datafied Experience

Looks like Etisalat is hell bent on chopping my money for all the data I enjoyed while on their PayG Pulse plan. They deactivated the service like 3 weeks ago after I loaded N1,000 airtime.  (Na so N1,000 burn in 3 minutes). I’ve been having HD video download withdrawal symptoms ever since and no replacement for this wonderful service is out there. I’ve tried rocking MTN BIS on PC & Android using TroidVPN and Tunnelguru and it’s not a smooth task at all.

Etisalat recently started promoting something called #EasyCliqDatafied which offers their easycliq subscribers budget subscription for social media apps like Instagram, BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. It also comes with a N500 daily video and music download service which I had high hopes in until last night.

To subscribe for the video and music download bundle, dial *229*10*10#




The download service allows you to download ONLY  MP3, MP4 and MPEG files from 00.30am to 4.30am. It costs N500 and comes with a data bundle of 1024MB + 15MB extra. The way it works, the 15MB is meant for browsing download sites while the 1024MB is meant for the actual downloads unfortunately it doesn’t work so.

My first subscription stopped downloading after 40MB. When I checked my data balance, the free 15MB was gone but the 1024MB remained untouched. Frustrated, I shut down my system and went to bed. I decided to renew my subscription and try again last night. I took the pain to shut down all internet enabled apps on my PC and then loaded my movie downloads to Internet Download Manager. At 00.41am with 2048MB + 15MB extra data, I connected and started downloading immediately without surfing any thing. The idea was that my 15MB would remain intact this way since I didn’t browse any site. FIREBALL.

After 40MB the nonsense shut down again and I had to call customer care on 200. They explained the whole service to me as if I was one kain JJC and dashed me 15MB to try again. This time I decided to try the download on my phone instead and thus disabled background data on my device. Before the download started I got an alert of 13MB left after I had browsed and gotten the download link. 3 minutes later, the download stopped yet again.

N1,000 with 2048MB of data wasted. I’m done.

What I’m trying to say here is that the service isn’t working as it is supposed to at the moment (or maybe some winchy winchy is on my case).

In the mean time, I’ve found a better deal which has been under my nose for weeks now. I’m talking about my guy Tobechukwu’s Etisalat Data service and this deal is called #tBlaze Weekend

For N200 recharge card, you get 200MB

For N500 recharge card, you get 750MB

For N500 Bank payment, you get 1GB

For N1500 recharge card, you get 3GB

For N1500 bank payment, you get 4GB

#tBlaze Weekend Offer is valid from Friday 4.30pm to 11.59pm Sunday of the weekend purchase. Data cannot be rolled over so be sure to use up data before expiry. Also you cannot subscribe for another weekend plan when you exhaust the current one till the next weekend. The way to go about this is to be sure of how much data you need for the weekend then purchase that exact amount.

You can call/flash/sms/whatsapp Tobechukwu on 08091230044. PatchworkOfTips endorses Tobechukwu as always.


Benefits Of Tobechukwu’s #tBlaze Weekend Offer over Etisalat’s #EasyCliqDatafied

  1. Downloads are not restricted to certain file types
  2. You get 55 hours validity period unlike Etisalat’s 4 hours validity period
  3. You get more data for your buck (if you go for the N1500 tBlaze plan).

I’ve paid for the service already and it will be activated this Friday by 4.30pm. I’ll update this post later on with my experience come Friday evening.

If you’ve got comments and questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section.

UPDATE 22nd June, 2015: Tobechukwu’s #tBlaze Weekend is the real deal. It was quite awesome that I did an extra 4GB sef. Thank God I have multiple etisalat SIM cards lying around. lol.

N4,500 for 12GB of hi speed data (1.9MB/s) wasn’t bad at all and I’m looking forward to this Friday though before then I need to start prioritising my downloads. I seem to be wasting data downloading quite a load of nonsense lately. *chuckles*

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