Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution Data+ and Voice+ Is A No-No

A new voice/data plan is town and it’s Etisalat’s EasyFlex Evolution. The plan was officially launched this week with a video ad staring Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji (who by the way was FLAT performance wise). This plan comes in two variants targeted at high data consumers and consumers who can talk for Africa.

NOTE: Unlike I usually do with assessments like this, I have not subscribed to this plan neither do I intend on doing so EVER due to my assessment. The information below was provided by an Etisalat customer care rep over a week ago.

Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution Plans


How To Subscribe To Etisalat EasyFlex Evolution

The way it works all available airtime on your bundle can be used to make calls, send sms or browse the internet using PAYG data. To subscribe simply dial *320# and follow the prompt.

Calls on any of these plans variants to any network are charged at 40K/sec while SMS charges remain N4 across the board.

In the event, that you exhaust your bundle before 30 days, you can easily renew your subscription and the system is said to alert you when you’re running low on data or airtime.

Three Things That S**k About The EasyFlex Evolution Plans

No Roll-Over Feature: Whatever airtime or data you have left at the end of 30 days CANNOT be rolled over to another month.

Pay-As-You-Go Web Browsing: I don’t know if they have a mechanism in place to prevent this but there’s a risk of customers losing their entire airtime allowance when downloading stuff and they run out of data as I’m assuming once data is depleted, the system automatically switches to PAYG browsing using your bundle’s airtime.

Makes Zero Sense Cost Wise: I did the maths like 4 times and I might be missing something but for now this plan is EXPENSIVE if you ask me. Let’s analyze it with the N2000 Data+ plan.

Etisalat already offers 1GB of mobile data for N1,000 for 30 days with auto rollover and renewal (See Etisalat Data Plans). The remaining N1,000 is been offered as N1,500 airtime for calls, SMS and Pay-As-You-Go web browsing. Assuming you use this N1, 500 airtime for calls only, you’d be getting 62.5 minutes of talktime.

Now, if you were to take this N2,000, purchase a 1GB data plan for N1,000 and spend the remaining N1,000 on N1,000 airtime while subscribed to Etisalat’s EasyLife 4.0 Limited Edition which offers calls to any network at 11k/sec, you’d be getting around 151 minutes of talktime depending on your usage. At the end of the month, you can be rest assured that your remaining airtime and data will not vanish into thin air because your so called EasyFlex Evolution bundle has expired.

Like I said in the beginning, I got all of this info from a chat I had with an etisalat rep. Maybe things will change in the future but for now, this is just broad daylight robbery with Genevieve in the forefront to lure in gullible customers.


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