How To Legally Browse The Internet Free On Glo Network

Free Internet Browsing Trick For Globacom Nigeria

UPDATE: Looks like Globacom Nigeria has stopped giving out free data thus we are left once again with Etisalat Nigeria as the only mobile network that offers free data weekly (EasyCliq customers ONLY)

Since the beginning of the year, mobile operators in Nigeria have been unveiling packages that allow their subscribers to browse the internet free for a limited time/bandwidth.

MTN Nigeria’s free browsing is packaged within its’ pretty retarded Funlink Reloaded plan which offers up to 3MB of midnight browsing daily.

As an Easy Cliq subscriber on the Etisalat Nigeria network, you get 15MB weekly for every recharge above N200. Please note that even if your recharge N1,000, you’ll only be given 15MB for the week. Hopefully this will change soon. Click here to migrate to Etisalat Nigeria’s Easy Cliq plan.

Here’s how to get some free browsing data on your Glo line weekly


For every recharge of N500 you make, your account will be credited with 25MB of data. That is if you recharge with N500 you get 25MB and if you recharge with N2,000 you get 100MB of free data.

NOTE: You must make use of the recharge cards sold on the streets and at Gloworld centers across the country for this to work.

Recharging via ATMs, Online and Bank mobile applications doesn’t make you eligible for this freebie.

Also all recharges must be made with cards of N500 denomination. Example N500, N1,000, N3,000 and N5,000.

Recharging with N200 + N200 + N100 to make up N500 will not get you your free data.

After recharging your account, dial 124 and when asked to retrieve your account balance, press 1 and listen carefully for your data account balance. This would be given in KB. To get the MB equivalent, divide by 1000. Example 46704KB = 46MB.

Do please note that as at the time of going to press, the free internet data accumulated on your GLO line will expire after 1 week but it would appear that if you recharge your account before the week is over, the free data will rollover for another week. I’m yet to confirm this.

To start browsing on your mobile phone or computer with this free data, you have to use the GLOSECURE ACCESS POINT.

********The Gloflat access point will NOT WORK!********


Home Address:

Access Point (APN): glosecure

Username: gprs

Password: gprs


If your phone is not showing the gprs/edge/3G sign on your Glo line, you will not be able to browse with it. To activate internet service on your Glo line, simply text ACTIVATE to 127 and if that doesn’t work, contact them via the Globacom Nigeria Customer Care Help Lines and Email. If I’m not wrong, emailing the Broad Access service department will get your SIM activated for Internet browsing within 24hours Winking smile.


Unlike the regular Glo internet data plans, sending INFO to 127 will not work for this free browsing plan. To check your balance, you have to call the Glo Mobile Prepaid Service again on 124 and listen carefully for your data balance.

That’s all folks. For further enquiries or comments, do please make use of the comment form at the end of the page.

Have a fabulous weekend ya’all Winking smile

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  1. paul says:

    PLEASE GLO IS BROWSING FREE WITH GLOSECURE AS APN, username nd password as wap .many people browse with it and it blazes like hell ,try it nd u;ll feel it bt i do not know y mine is different.i’m seriously needing ur help .

  2. smatt says:

    I have been consistently recharging my glo line with denominations of N500 cards. Like I read from one of your other posts, I did this thru dialing 123 and thereafter went further to check or retrieve my account balance by dialing 124 (1). But with each reacharge I am only told about my credit balance, available mms and validity period only, nothing is mentioned about my free data unit. Do I have to register for this service, or has globacom discontinued its gesture of giving out free data? Please help me. Thanks.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      So sorry for the inconvenience sir. I ought to have updated this post since. Looks like the offer is over as I’ve not being getting any free data as well :(

  3. smatt says:

    I forgot to mention that I am on the glo infinito package, I use a blackberry with BIS activated. I do not know if any of these may have affected the bonus offer.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      I don’t think it has anything to do with Blackberry BiS as I’m using my glo infinito without BIS and still no free data

  4. smatt says:

    Ok. Thanks for your prompt reply. Nice one!

  5. Desire says:

    Each time i want 2 buy any budle.i received a text of d budle u are trying 2 purchase is not cmpanpatable with ur instant surf .please help me out i Need 2 browse with my mobile tanks

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      You have to cancel your instant surf subscription first then wait for it to expire before subscribing to a different plan. Send CANCEL to 127 to stop your subscription. You might have to send it twice to be sure sha.

  6. Elisha says:

    I subscrhbed for instant sturf but am unable to download anything

  7. OLA says:

    I really find this article useful for internet brousing. Almighty God will bless u.

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      God bless you too man but do please note that the game has changed a little. Every free mb you get lasts for only one week after which it expires

  8. Ohis says:

    Is there a way to use this free mb on a PC?

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      You have to use glosecure settings. Do please note that this free data promo is not consistent any more

  9. usman lawal says:

    very good plan

  10. usman lawal says:

    i need free mb subscription for glo.

  11. Solace Onyema says:

    Like the MTN, can GLO issue data plan by time? Example, N250=2hours in mtn network. Thanks

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      Glo doesn’t such time plans similar to that of MTN Nigeria. If they ever release such you can be rest assured that we would update you here :D

  12. Techmoses says:

    Gud i love it.