Authentic Samsung Phones Sellers In Nigeria

Places Where You Can Buy Authentic Samsung Phones In Nigeria

As the telecommunication and mobile phone market in Nigeria grows at a fast rate, the bad guys have started manifesting their efforts at not wanting to be left out of the boom, thus they’ve resorted to the importation and sale of cloned unauthentic average user and high-end user mobile phones.

The guys behind BlackBerry have launched a campaign in the dailies in an effort to sensitize the buying public about the existence of fake blackberries in the market.

The gist around town now is that, if you’d like to save yourself some agony, ONLY buy cell phones from authorized dealers and resellers.

Samsung has also released their very own list of Authorized dealers and resellers as shown below.


List Of Addresses Where You Can Buy Authentic Samsung Mobile Handsets In Nigeria


List Of Addresses Where You Can Buy Authentic Samsung Mobile Handsets In Nigeria


samsung-chat-322-dual-simBefore I sign off on this post, allow me to introduce to you the latest Samsung Dual SIM mobile set in the market. It’s called the Samsung Ch@t 322 (Samsung C3222).

Ch@t 322, which is a member of Samsung’s Duos Lite family is basically a social networking phone. which provides you easy access to your Twitter, Facebook, Windows and Yahoo Messenger accounts.

With the 1.3MP camera, you can shoot pictures and immediately upload them to your Facebook profile via the GPRS/EDGE internet connection.

Unlike most Samsung mobile handsets, the C3222 comes with a 3.5mm audio port and micro USB v2 ports meaning that you can use any regular headphones with the phone and you can connect it to your PC using the ever popular usb cables in the market.

With the aid of the Samsung New PC Studio, your Samsung C3222 can serve as a modem to get you connected to the internet.

If you need a Dual SIM mobile phone, the Samsung brand always comes highly recommended Winking smile

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