9Mobile Blaze On Data Plan Review: Not For Heavy Downloaders

This is a quick review of 9Mobile Nigeria’s recently launched Blaze On time based data plans. Unlike their monthly data allowance based plans, the Blaze On service allows you to connect to the web for 10mins to 1 hour for a fee of N50.00 to N200. As is expected with most time based plans, fair usage policy applies thus I decided to sacrifice N50 to download an episode of Daytime Divas which was about 330MB in size to see how far I would get.

You can download the 9Mobile Blaze On app by clicking here.

Setup is pretty easy unfortunately I didn’t capture enough screenshots. You’re basically asked to provide your etisalat number or it is automatically detected, after which a registration code is sent to your line. Input the code and you’re good to go as shown below.


9Mobile BlazeOn Data Plan Review


For some reason, the silly app needs an internet connection to work. A Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G connection will do. Your current plan status and airtime balance will be shown. To connect to the web, simply select a plan of your choice.


9Mobile BlazeOn Data Plan Setup


Once you’re connected, the countdown begins and you’re ready to browse. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the download as around 6 mins left on the counter, the download suddenly stopped and I got a message from Etisalat saying:

You have used up your BlazeOn time plan. Send YES to 1111 to start browsing at 5kobo/kb or click http://bit.ly/1LxMVDb to purchase data bundles.

I took the screenshot below around 5 mins when I had recovered from the sudden shock that the awoof was no more.

I was only able to download 234MB in those 4 – 5 minutes.


9Mobile BlazeOn Data Plan Active Connection 9Mobile BlazeOn Data Plan Active Downloads


Assuming the 10 minute plan has a cap of 234MB, maybe the 1 hour plan will have a cap of 1.4GB. It will be really really sad if the said 1 hour plan is only offering this measly 234MB of data.

So there you have it, 9Mobile Nigeria’s new Blaze On Time Plan is not for heavy downloaders but for those that need to send a quick email or browse something urgently without buying a regular 9Mobile data plan.

Spread the word please. Thanks.

UPDATE 16th July 2017: I woke up past 2 am and tried to use Airtel’s Unlimited Night Plan only to discover that it had been cancelled. I guess they are repackaging it as the upcoming Unlimited Data Plan that has been in the news lately. Anyway, I decided to install 9 Mobile Blaze On and try the N200 time plan and download some important file.

I ended up downloading over 1.5GB before it shut down on me. Next test will be to see if I can subscribe multiple times in a day to the N200 plan as that would give like 7.5GB for N1,000. Not bad at all if you ask me.

UPDATE 21st July 2017: So I can now confirm that you can subscribe multiple time to the time plans BUT you have to wait for the current plan countdown to complete before you can subscribe again.

Also it is best, if you don’t have any data on the line as the 9Mobile Blaze On time plans don’t always notify you of data allowance exhaustion and you might find yourself eating into your main data plan.

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