How Glo Weekend & Glo Monthly Data Plans Work Together

9Mobile’s Blaze On service has been offline for days and I had quite a backlog of downloads to do so I decided to turn to Glo which offers a weekend plan that guarantees 3GB of data for just N500. Though a bit expensive compared to 9Mobile’s Blaze On, it will have to do for now.

Going in, the major fear I had with playing with Glo’s Weekend Plan was that of wasted data/funds in that what if Glo refuses to activate the Weekend Plan until I have exhausted my active monthly plan which still has a balance of over 58GB. Thus I decided to play safe and get new GLO 4G LTE Sim dedicated to weekend subscriptions only.

After activation, I loaded N1,000 airtime and got 1.2 GB of free data which is part of Glo’s Yakata Plan. This free data has a validity of 7 days. I then subscribed to their N500 biweekly plan and got 1.8GB of data after which I subscribed for their weekend plan and got 3GB of data.

The screenshot below shows all three data plans with their varying expiry dates. Glo Yakata free data runs first while the Weekend plan stays on PRE-ACTIVATED mode and the main data plan is PAUSED


Glo Weekend Plan Review 01


Once the free Yakata data plan is exhausted, the Weekend Plan is activated.


Glo Weekend Plan Review 02 Glo Weekend Plan Review 03



And once the Weekend plan is depleted, the main data plan becomes active again.


Glo Weekend Plan Review 04 Glo Weekend Plan Review 05


Summary: What I’ve noticed from the above is that Glo’s active data usage seems to work with expiry dates. Data plans with early expiry dates will be used first before those with later dates.


Glo Weekend Plan Review 01

1st: Glo Yakata Free Data expires 14 February 2019

2nd: Glo Weekend Data expires 16 February 2019

3rd: Glo Biweekly Data expires 21 February 2019

This means that assuming your main data plan has an earlier expiry data than Glo Weekend Plan or the Free data plan, that means your main data will be used first before the system switches to any of the first 2. I have to say this is quite good compared to Airtel Nigeria that forces you to deplete your main data before you can access their rubbish free data which as always expires before the main data plan.

So there you have it guys. This is how Glo uses your data if you activate a Weekend/Night Plan with your normal monthly plan.

Personally, I don’t trust Naija networks so to be on a safe side, I recommend getting a new SIM just for weekend data unless you don’t mind risking N500 going to waste if changes their data depletions sequence without warning.

Don’t forget to check out Glo Data Plans and 9Mobile Blaze On Data Plan.

P.S: In other news, GLO 4G LTE is live in Sokoto Town and the speed isn’t bad at all in my location as I get around 1.5MB/s past midnight. During the week, I had the opportunity of attending a training in a section of town I’m not used to visiting and lo and behold, Glo’s data speed there was hitting 3MB/s in the afternoon. I was SHOCKED! I can only imagine what the speed would be like after midnight.

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