BlackBerry Protect Now Works On BlackBerry Complete Plans In Nigeria

BlackBerry Protect

Many months ago when BlackBerry complete plans were unleashed on us, they made blackberry internet access even more affordable to the average user but with a few minuses in tow. Multiple personal emails and BlackBerry protect weren’t supported at all. To get these features you had to subscribe for the full BIS which cost N3,000 ($19)

NOTE: BlackBerry Protect is RIM’s app for tracking, backing up and remote wiping/blocking stolen blackberry smartphones.

Well last night, out of boredom I decided to try BlackBerry Protect again to see if by any chance it would work and lo and behold, it did. Winking smile

As usual, I didn’t believe it and left to me it was jut a fluke so I contacted some of my guys on BBM who were on Etisalat and Airtel as well as MTN and they all tried and confirmed that yep, it now works.

I guess RIM finally realized that N3,000 ($19) was just not going to cut it over here in Nigeria. Hopefully soon they will scrap it and give us back our multiple personal email accounts on BlackBerry Complete.

Below are a few screen captures of when I tested the features. It wasn’t able to give me an exact location but at least it was close. The play a sound thingy was just not loud enough in my opinion.

Click here to go to the BlackBerry Protect website

BlackBerry Protect Device Location

BlackBerry Protect BackUp Archive

BlackBerry Protect Successful Operations

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