The Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 USD

Buy Gaming Laptop For $1000

The world of gaming seems to be getting more and more mobile every day. Sony released its next foray in to the handheld gaming market, the PlayStation Vita, in Japan in December. Nintendo is fixing to release its Wii U handheld in the first half of 2012. These are all interesting devices, which are certainly worthy of their own appraisals, but the fact is, it's hard to pack the full gaming experience into a device as small as the Vita or U. The smaller your device gets, the more you end up sacrificing sound or graphics quality. If you want your games to come with you wherever you go, here are the best gaming laptops for you to choose from.

Gaming laptop computers don't come cheap but here are three of the best you can get under $1,000 ONLY!

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How Free Mobile & Desktop Web Browsers Make Money

Mozilla Firefox $1 billion Google Partnership Deal

Just over a week ago, December 14th to be precise, the not so famous but uber useful Bolt Browser was shut down due to financial difficulties. While it lasted, it was one of the very few mobile browsers that could render desktop like versions of a myriad of websites on mobile phones irrespective of screen size.

With its sad demise, one big question out there seems to be how free mobile and desktop browsers providers make money to keep their project alive.

So far so good and aside from donation from individuals and the corporate world as well investments they make, there are two major ways free web browsers like Firefox and Opera make money and one of them is via incorporation of search engines in their free browsers.

It's a known fact that you can do a quick web search in Firefox by simply typing into the address bar without having to worry about the search bar beside it. By default, all web searches on Mozilla Firefox are channeled through Google and that's where the money comes in for them.

How Firefox Browser Makes Money Every Year

It's now a know fact that the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon, and eBay) pay Firefox royalty fees for incorporating their search engines into the architecture of their browser. The latest gist now is that Google has allegedly signed a whooping $1 billion 3 year contract with Mozilla Firefox which amounts to roughly $300 million a year and that's aside from whatever Bing, Yahoo and the other Google competitors are willing to pay them.

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Mobile Malware: Growing Threat Of SmartPhone Hackers

Scarlett Johansson's Smartphone Hacked

When IBM launched the first smartphone (IBM Simon) way back in 1992, mobile phone users worldwide suddenly discovered that they could do more on the move just from their mobile sets. The incorporation of large internal memory spaces, the use of microSD cards and of course mobile internet made us depend on these phones for the mini traditional PCs that they were.

As PCs were always under constant threat of virus/malware attack so became the smartphones.

American actress Scarlett Johansson recently went through the ordeal of having her smartphone hacked and nude photos contained within spread across the internet.

It's about time we take measures to protect our private data contained within our mobile devices and the folks over at BullGuard ever willing to show us how to do so, have released a detailed infographic that chronicles how mobile malware gets on our smartphones and how we can prevent them.

Check it out below. Enjoy and be sure to protect yourself from smartphone hackers Winking smile.

I've managed to reduce the size from 1.5MB to a little above 900KB for those on low bandwidth/slow internet connection.

This infographic is best viewed on your computer not on your mobile device.

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Top 7 Features Cheap Android Tablets Below $200 Must Have

The budget friendly android tablet fever is on with prices crashing below the $200. Hell, some even cost below $100. Leader International Inc has introduced the $179.00 Impression 7 which goes on sale in November 2011 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi is about to drop for just $199 come November 15, 2011.

Some folks have expressed fears that these cheap android tablets might not be of top quality like their expensive counterparts but that ain't true.

Just like you have expensive android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, cheaper quality alternatives are readily available for those who want to get a feel of the android environment.

Now before you rush out to purchase one of them, here are a few features you have to get right to enjoy your android tablet experience without frustration.

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Create A Mobile Trading Terminal: Stock Market Apps For iPhone

Stock Market Apps For iPhone

One of my favorite movies of all-time is Trader. It’s a 1980’s documentary that follows Paul Tudor Jones for several months. Tudor Jones is a young, hot-shot Wall Street hedge fund manager with around $125 million under management. You get to see Tudor Jones screaming orders into the phone to his broker down in the Chicago and New York trading pits. Not only is there tons of great trading knowledge to gain from the documentary, but you really get to see how much different trading used to be. The days of shouting orders into a phone to a broker in the pit are long gone. In today’s world of hi-tech smart phones, you actually have the ability to not only pay bills like your working capital loan, but you can transform your phone into a hi-tech trading platform, where you can execute millions of dollars in trading volume with the swipe of a finger.

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Free Data Recovery Software For MAC OS X & Windows PC

How To Recover Deleted Files On MAC OS X FreeLoss of data is something every PC owner at some point in time will experience and then comes the search for an effective data recovery software that will restore all things back to normal.

The data recovery process may be initiated following an operating system failure, hard disk failure or accidental manual deletion.

According to OnTrack Data Recovery UK, with regards to accidental manual deletion and contrary to what most people think, delete doesn't mean gone and the erased file doesn't disappear off the hard drive forever. It's best to think of the computer file as a page in a book. When the file is deleted, that page is not destroyed like it was torn out and put through a shredder. Instead, the table of contents that points out the location of that page is erased. The part that gets erased on your computer is the tiny bit of information that points to the location of the file on the hard drive. Eventually, the hard drive will write new data over the area where the old file is located.

NOTE: As long as nothing was written onto the disk after deletion occurred, a good data recovery software can successfully build the original table of contents and restore access to your data.

A Google search will reveal loads of free softwares that promise to help recover your deleted computer files but 95% of them only allow you to preview the recovered files without the ability to save them.

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