What I Love About BlackBerry’s Hub+ Services For Android

UPDATE 9th September 2016: A series of updates have been released and you can now use the suite of apps on Android Lollipop phones as well as phones with lower screen resolution. Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes, and Launcher apps are also now also accessible. Source
Once upon a time I was …

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How To Change IMEI On Infinix XOS Chameleon Without Root

As a gadget addict (kinda) nothing brings me more joy than when I see an OTA update especially one that promises a whole new operating system. Unfortunately such radical OS upgrades come with issues of their own as certain functions in the previous OS versions are taken away completely or …

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Review: My PayPorte Nigeria Online Shopping Experience

I’m not a fan of shopping online in Nigeria especially when it comes to clothes or shoes. The few times I’ve bought stuff from Naija online stores, I had to gather plenty liver to proceed and in 99% of these orders, I went with the pay on delivery option and …

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How To Increase Battery Life (SOT) On Android Marshmallow by 2 Hours

For some the latest android updates don’t matter as long as their devices can carry out the basic tasks they throw at them. For others like me, we look forward to android updates ’cause of the new features and performance improvements they bring with them. In my opinion Doze has …

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How To Backup – Restore Data With Stock Android System Recovery 3e

CWM and TWRP recovery are quite popular amongst android users especially those who love to flash custom ROMs or root their android devices.  For some they just use the backup and restore data functionality of these third party recovery system.
Some companies tend to modify android’s stock recovery while others tend …

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How To Flash Oukitel K4000 Pro – K6000 Pro With SP Flash Tool

So weeks back, I successfully bricked my Huawei Honor 6 while trying to flash an Android Marshmallow update and I went into pseudo depression as I was broke. As luck would have it, my Adsense payment came through just as Oukitel started a promo of sorts for their phones thus …

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How To Legally Download YouTube Videos – Playlists For Offline Viewing

The YouTube for Android app (and I’m guessing that of iOS too) has really come a long way. One doesn’t really need apps like TubeMate and Vidmate for downloading and watching YouTube clips without an internet connection. Like most video streaming services out there, YouTube has activated an offline option …

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Oukitel K6000 Pro Full Review

It’s being 3 weeks since I took delivery of the Oukitel K6000 Pro. The useless 5MP front facing camera and loudspeaker volume issues aside, the experience has been wonderful. I got it for $150 (insurance included) from Everbuying and it’s still on sale for interested parties.
The main specs as follows.

5.5inch …

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Quick Review of Airtel’s Unlimited Night Data Plan

Once upon a time Airtel Nigeria’s internet service was undisputedly the worst in the land but they seem to have revamped the service as it has improved remarkably in the past months. Everywhere I go here in Sokoto, I’m able to get a stable 3G connection though the speed varies …

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