How To Change In App Purchase Account Google Play Store

For a while now, I’ve been having issues with in-app purchases being charged in US dollars instead of Naira as I would have preferred. See How To Pay For Google Play Store Apps In Naira With 9Pay. In-App purchases would appear in Naira but when it comes to check out, …

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How To Buy The Ordinary Skincare Range In Nigeria Via ASOS

Lately I’ve been experimenting with skincare (20% Azelaic acid Gel to be precise)  and my skin looks like shit at the moment ’cause it’s purging badly. It’s been almost 6 weeks now so hopefully the purge should be over soon. The Ordinary’s skin care range has been on my radar …

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How To Buy Treasury Bills With FirstBank Nigeria

I still struggle with finding ways of diversifying my income stream. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have that strength/zeal for business then I remember that I suck at interacting with human beings on a regular basis. SMH.
Instead of having my life savings sitting in my account doing literally NOTHING, …

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How To Resume Downloads Safari For macOS – Quick Tip

There’s nothing as frustrating as when a download quits on you and you can’t resume it. It just has to start from the beginning wasting your precious data (for those of us without the luxury of unlimited data).
Safari for macOS is plagued with this issue and the developers don’t seem …

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FileStream – OffCloud Cloud Torrent Download Review

Downloading files on the internet via torrents and cloud services like Mega, Rapidgator, Usenet etc can be quite exhausting in that downloads fail sometimes because the internet connection is glitchy or free accounts do not support resume downloads and as such data is wasted each time a download is interrupted.
These …

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How Glo Weekend & Glo Monthly Data Plans Work Together

9Mobile’s Blaze On service has been offline for days and I had quite a backlog of downloads to do so I decided to turn to Glo which offers a weekend plan that guarantees 3GB of data for just N500. Though a bit expensive compared to 9Mobile’s Blaze On, it will …

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How To Automatically Mirror-Flip Google Camera Selfies With GCam Tool Pro

I’ve talked about flipping selfies on MIUI 10 for images that weren’t taken with the stock MIUI Camera  which by default comes with a Mirror selfie option in its’ settings area. This time around I want to look at doing the same with selfies taken on most phones that are running …

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How I Fixed MX Player Pro Unable To Validate The Purchase Error

I tried playing a video the other day via MX Player and the app started giving me errors. It basically was telling me it was unable to validate that I had purchased the app legally from Google Play Store and as such was shutting down and I should proceed to …

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How To Prolong Battery Life With MIUI Battery Saver Modes

Android apps like Google Chrome, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat as well as games like Candy Crush drain a lot of battery especially in the background when not in active use. As a result of this I’ve found myself gravitating towards the lite versions of these apps (if they exist) but …

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