BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard Released – Netbooks Still Relevant

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard For BlackBerry PlaybookI’ll continue saying it for as long as I can, “I CANNOT do without a physical QWERTY keypad on a mobile device”. Even if I were to eventually get a touchscreen mobile device in the future, it MUST come with a backup physical keyboard.

No matter how hard mobile tech firms plug their all touchscreen devices, the need for a hardware keyboard always rises and such is the case with BlackBerry makers,  RIM, who recently Introduced the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet.

This particular product release doesn’t come as a shock to me as BlackBerry stans worldwide will tell you, ain’t nothing like a BlackBerry QWERTY pad. High quality QWERTY keyboards remain one of BlackBerry’s fortes.

As it is with other portable keyboards for tablet devices, the BlackBerry Mini Keypad comes in form of a lightweight case which when open, converts the BB PlayBook into a mini notebook of sort allowing you to use the full screen of the tablet device. The keyboard while connected to the playbook via a secure Bluetooth connection, is expected to work flawlessly for 30 days on just one charge using the same microUSB charger that ships with the BlackBerry PlayBook.

My only *beef* with this release is the extra US$120 it’s gonna cost me when I eventually come around to getting a PlayBook. I’m anxiously awaiting a 2G/3G version which will enable me use the dirt cheap BlackBerry Internet Service plans available in Nigeria. Wi-Fi is practically non-existent in these parts of the world.

Some say the PC/Notebook/Netbook market is gradually dying but with the release of these mini gadget accessories to make typing faster and thus boost productivity,  I maintain my opinion that’s it’s a BIG FAT lie! QWERTY keyboards aren’t going extinct anytime soon and I foresee a time when tablets will ship with these mini keyboard cases by default.

For now I’m content with my 14 hrs. solar powered Samsung NC215 netbook (though a teeny weeny part of me still wishes it came with an internal 2G/3G GSM SIM slot for mobile internet on the go without a USB dongle).

For more details on the new BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for BlackBerry PlayBook, do please check out the source below.


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